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Herniated Disc Treatment with Your Vaughan Physiotherapist

Herniated Disc Treatment with Your Vaughan Physiotherapist 

If you experience a herniated disc, you may want to seek out the assistance of a chiropractor in Vaughan ON. An Ontario chiropractic specialist will alleviate your back pain through natural methods that promote spine health. herniated disc treatment from your vaughan physiotherapist

Definition of a Herniated Disc 

Your spine consists of discs that act as cushions in between your vertebrae. Sometimes, a disc becomes herniated, which means the "jelly" inside of the disc begins pushing out through a tear in the exteriors portion of the disc. A herniated disc can cause pain because it irritates the nerves near the damaged disc. You might experience pain, weakness or numbness in your arm of leg. You might have no symptoms while those who have a herniated disc closer to the neck will experience neck pain. 

Spinal Alignment for Disc Herniation 

A spinal alignment by a chiropractic specialist realigns the spine, so the pressure is taken off of the injured disc. It helps to straighten out your vertebrae, so the injured disc can receive the proper nutrition and heal without the pressure. A chiropractor who serves Maple and Woodbridge can perform a spinal alignment to reduce back pain and neck pain, depending on the location of the injured disc. 

Therapeutic Exercises for Disc Herniation 

If you have a disc herniation, the chiropractor may recommend certain exercises that stretch the spine and relieve some of the pressure you're experiencing as a result of the herniated disc. When you get the body moving, you're enhancing the amount of blood flow that's going to the spine. The extra nutrients and water that are flowing throughout the back help enhance the healing process. 

Spinal Decompression for Disc Herniation

A motorized device will gently stretch the spine to take pressure off of the discs in between the vertebrae. This reduces the pressure on the hurt disc, which gives it an opportunity to heal. By realigning the spine, you're also enhancing the flow of nutrients to the area. Spinal decompression may help to relieve pain almost immediately if you have pain as a result of the herniated disc irritating the nearby nerves. 

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