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Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics With Vaughn Chiropractor

custom orthotics in Vaughn

Pain in your feet impact your lifestyle and activities. When you notice the discomfort, it may stem from injuries to the feet or your current career. It can also stem from other health conditions, which may put additional pressure on your feet. Regardless of the cause, you may benefit from custom orthotics.

What are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics in Vaughn refer to a solution that helps support your feet and legs. It may range from orthopedic shoes with better arch support or an insert that you put into your shoes to correct concerns with the biomechanical structure of your legs and feet. It offers greater support to your feet, which addresses the underlying cause of pain in your legs or feet.

When Do You Need Arch Support?

Determining when you need arch support ultimately depends on your situation. A chiropractic professional takes measures to identify your needs by the way you move and the concerns you discuss. At Synergy Rehab and Physiotherapy, we may recommend orthopedic shoes or custom inserts when you complain of leg pain or foot pain that persists for an extended period. We also recommend the treatment when you have specific complications with your body's movements that may cause physical pain from the way you walk or move.

Our suggestions depend on your situation and needs. We do not recommend custom orthotics unless a chiropractor determines that your body requires the extra support and assistance for a specific health concern.

When to Talk to a Vaughan ON Chiropractor about Custom Orthotics

Determining when to talk to a Vaughn ON chiropractor in our clinic depends on your situation. Generally, we recommend visiting our clinic if you notice foot or leg pain that does not stem from a clear cause like an accident or an injury to your foot. We also recommend visiting our clinic if you get into an accident and notice pain in your legs and feet. 

In some cases, you will not need arch support for your legs and feet to heal. We evaluate your situation and recommend the solution when we notice that your movements, the shape of your feet or a problem with your shoes contribute to your discomfort. You want to seek treatment as soon as you notice the pain, even if it seems to come and go. Some conditions in your feet may only be obvious at certain times, such as when you get up after sitting for a few hours or when you wake up in the morning. Do not wait to seek treatment, since some injuries may worsen without proper evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

Physical discomfort in your feet or legs may require chiropractic care to address. At our clinic, we serve residents of Maple, Woodbridge, Vaughn and the surrounding areas who may need solutions for their discomfort. For more details, call (905) 856-4174 today.