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Ankle Braces

A variety of ankle braces are available. The most commonly used ones are the malleotrain and malleotrain S. The malleotrain provides support and has built in gel pages that wrap around the medial and lateral malleolus to further help with swelling. The malleotrain S has a strap that is able to wrap around in a figure 8 to help prevent further injury.

Supplier: Bauerfeind


This ankle brace has built in horseshoe pads that contour around the malleoli of the ankle. This brace is great to treat sore ankle’s following injury, surgery or osteoarthritis of the ankle. The knit material provides compression to control swelling of the ankle.

 Malleotrain S

The Malleotrain S brace is a comfortable ankle brace that involves a strap that goes around your ankle in a figure 8. It mimicks an ankle tape job and is not as bulky as some of the ankle braces out there. This brace is good for individuals who have ankle sprains or individuals who play sports as prevent twisting of the ankle.

Supplier: OTC

Ankle stabilizer with cross straps

Ankle stabilizer with cross straps brace has a lace up system at the front for stabilization of the ankle and the cross straps provide medial and lateral stability to the ankle joint.


The Achillotrain is an effective brace for any who has Achilles tendonitis or anyone that has had an Achilles repair (post- surgery). It has a contoured gel padded shewn in that provides a massage effect and also has a heel cushion to relieve the tendon.