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Wrist Braces

Supplier: Bauerfeind

The Manutrain brace is great for tenosynovitis, and arthritis of the wrist. It will help reduce strain off the wrist and provide pain relief. It has an inner stay and an elastic strap to help further stabilize the wrist.

The ManuLoc brace is a wrist that can be used for carpal tunnel syndrome or after an operation or irritation. It keeps the wrist in a neutral position while allowing gripping movements. Overall it stabilizes and protects the wrist joint.

Supplier: Breg

Wrist Lacer
The wrist lacer brace is available with a thumb spica or without. It has a single-pull lace closure and adjustable thumb strap that make it easy to use and put on. There is a metal palmar stay that supports the wrist.