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Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy Centre is located in the heart of the City of Vaughan on Highway #7, just west of Highway #400. Synergy is an inter-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic that offers effective and current evidence based rehabilitation therapies available today.

The clinical team at Synergy is committed to restoring patients to their pre-injury status through individualized, therapeutic solutions that are developed following a thorough examination.

Aside from our informative consultations and assessments, we offer customized one-on-one rehabilitation programs that are carefully designed based on each patient’s individual requirements.

At Synergy, we develop honest, positive and loyal relationships with our patients to ensure open lines of communication and effective treatment with optimal results. Our inter-disciplinary team includes physiotherapists, chiropractors, registered massage therapists and acupuncture providers. Our professional and friendly staff is fluent in Italian, Spanish, Ukranian, Russian, Cantonese and Greek and are always happy to answer any questions. Immediate or urgent appointments are always available when necessary.

Additionally, Synergy is conveniently connected to an Urgent Care walk-in medical clinic as well as being adjacent to a 24-hour Shoppers Drug Mart.


Rehabilitation for Injuries Due To Motor Vehicle Accidents

When injured in a motor vehicle accident it is important to be assessed by a clinician as soon as possible. Although some injuries may seem insignificant or subtle at first, leaving them undiagnosed or untreated can potentially lead to much more severe and disabling ailments. At Synergy, we pride ourselves in specializing in treatment therapies specifically designed for those individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. All patients undergo a full evaluation and are carefully examined by our interdisciplinary treatment team. Our rehabilitation professionals guide each patient though their recovery with a strong focus on regaining physical and therefore functional reactivation.

In addition to providing rehabilitation services at our clinic we also provide in-home therapy for severely injured patients who are unable to attend our facility. We also offer a variety of medical and legal services to assist our patients toward an effective recovery, including Orthopedic, Physiatric, Psychological, Attendant Care, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and In-Home assessments and evaluations.

Rehabilitation for Injuries Due To Work, Sports and Recreational Activities

Work and recreational activities can sometimes lead to aches and injuries that require therapeutic intervention. Following your initial consultation, our team of professionals will work together to develop a rehabilitation plan using the services of our physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, kinesiologists and acupuncture providers. Along with therapy, our experts will educate patients in regards to nutrition, exercise and proper prevention strategies to restore and maintain their health.