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Conditions Treated by Your Vaughan, ON Chiropractor

Chiropractic care takes a “whole body” approach to treatment and rehabilitation. By improving the health of the body and strengthening the muscles, your Vaughan chiropractor can help patients fight off illnesses, heal from injuries and manage painful chronic conditions.

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At Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy, we use our all-natural holistic approach to treat a range of conditions. Below are some of the conditions that we commonly treat in our patients.

Muscle Pain Treatment from your Vaughan Chiropractor

There are many reasons that people may experience muscle pain. Subluxations, bad work habits, poor posture and injury can all lead to muscle pain in the back, shoulders, neck and in other parts of the body. At Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy, we use spinal adjustment, massage therapy and nutrition counseling to provide pain relief to our patients. We also show patients how to avoid muscle pain in the future by making lifestyle adjustments.

Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries can lead to many problems, including herniated disc, whiplash, concussions and more. Some car accident injuries, particularly whiplash, may take hours or days to manifest after an accident occurs. For this reason, we encourage patients to see a chiropractor after being involved in a car accident, even if they feel no pain. This way, your chiropractor can diagnose your condition before symptoms begin to surface.

When treating patients who experience car accident injuries, we use spinal adjustment to relieve patient pain and restore balance to the body. We also use techniques like massage therapy to loosen the muscles and improve range of motion, and we teach our patients to perform stretches and exercises that will allow them to strengthen their muscles.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries typically involve a lot of sprains, strains, tendonitis and soft tissue damage. We teach our patients to perform stretches and exercises that will help rehabilitate the injured parts of the body and strengthen the muscles so they can avoid injury in the future. We also help patients by training them to use best practices on and off the field, which will can help them improve their game and perform as efficiently as possible.

Post-Operative Therapy

Surgeries can involve a long rehabilitation process that can be painful for the patient. Often patients need post-operative therapy to restore functionality to the muscles of the body and avoid future injury. In addition, post-operative therapy also helps patients overcome pain after a surgery by loosening tight and injured muscles. We use spinal adjustment, massage therapy and stretches and exercises to restore the body to full functionality after a surgery takes place.

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At Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy, we help patients in Vaughan, Woodbridge and Maple to recover from conditions and manage their pain. To find out more about how your Vaughan chiropractor can help you manage your chronic condition or recent injury, contact us today!