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Back Pain FAQs

Back Pain FAQs with our Vaughan Chiropractor

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Have you ever wondered what's causing back pain for you and your loved one? Our Vaughan chiropractic and physiotherapy team at Synergy Rehab are happy to answer your questions and empower you with a healthier spine.

What causes back pain?

Back pain can occur anywhere along the spine and can affect other areas including the shoulders, arms, hips, and legs. Common diagnoses we make at our clinic include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint subluxations
  • Disc herniation or disc bulge
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Nerve impingement (e.g., radiculopathy, sciatica)
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Bony tumors
  • Muscle spasms and strains

Back pain can be worsened by factors such as age, poor posture, smoking, psychological stress, heavy lifting, physically demanding jobs, excessively sedentary lifestyles, prior spinal injury, auto accident or sports accident injury, family history, and the presence of other conditions such as depression, obesity, and fibromyalgia.

How can I prevent or alleviate my back pain? 

If you struggle with back pain, address as many controllable factors as possible which may be causing symptoms. Namely:

  • Quit smoking 
  • Follow a safe and sustainable exercise program
  • Maintain a lean body mass
  • Eat a nutrient-rich diet and avoid pro-inflammatory foods (like sugar, alcohol, and grains)
  • Avoid prolonged sitting (consider investing in a stand-up desk)

You can also alleviate or avoid back pain by consulting with a doctor of chiropractic, massage therapist, or physiotherapist!

How can a physiotherapist or chiropractor help me relieve my back pain symptoms?

So many of our services at Synergy Rehab can make a world of difference for your back pain:

  • Spinal adjustments realign your spine, decompress impinged nerves and discs, and reduce the amount of pain signals sent via the nervous system
  • Corrective exercises help improve endurance and stability of core muscles
  • Acupuncture triggers the release of natural pain-killers
  • Massage therapy relieves muscle tension and increases circulation to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Lifestyle and nutritional counseling helps you master things like food choices, ergonomic set-up, and posture
  • Custom orthotics and braces help you function in your daily life more comfortably and efficiently

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