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Disc Disorder FAQ

Herniated Discs FAQ’s at Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy

When you have problems with your upper spine, it can cause neck pain and soreness that makes it hard to move your head comfortably. This can affect your job performance and interfere with your ability to do simple, everyday tasks. At Synergy Rehab and Physiotherapy in Vaughan, we provide non-invasive treatment that addresses the causes of neck pain. 

Chiropractor talking to patient about herniated discs

What Are Common Neck Pain Causes?

You can have neck pain from a herniated disc in your upper spine. This occurs when the outer part of a spinal disc grows weak and develops a crack, and the inner part of the disc pushes through this opening. You can also develop neck pain from a condition known as text neck. This condition occurs when frequently tilt your head when you use a mobile device, such as your phone. You can also have neck pain from whiplash, muscle tears and other soft tissue injuries.

What Are Symptoms of Neck Pain Problems?

Herniated discs in the upper spine can cause soreness in your neck and a tingling sensation or weakness in your arm. When you have whiplash, you might have headaches and neck stiffness along with mild or severe pain. Text neck can cause your neck to become sore and stiff, which can get worse over time. When you have neck pain symptoms, it’s important to find out the cause so that you can receive the right care for relief. 

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Herniated Discs and Other Causes of Neck Pain?

Whether you have disc herniation in your upper spine or suffer from text neck, chiropractic care can help. This kind of care includes spinal adjustments that focus on realigning your spine. These adjustments take care of any misalignments in your upper spine that are causing you pain. When your upper spine is in proper alignment, this eases pressure on your nerves and helps the affected discs, muscles and other parts of your upper spine heal. Misalignments can create blockages that make it difficult for oxygen and nutrients to flow to the damaged area. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Prevent Neck Pain?

Chiropractic adjustments can lower your risk of having neck pain on a regular basis. Ensuring that your spine is in the right alignment helps your nervous system function as it should and supports proper healing. This reduces your risk of developing chronic pain in your neck. 

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If you have neck pain from a herniated disc or other cause, please contact Synergy Rehab and Physiotherapy to make an appointment. Our Vaughan ON chiropractor offers chiropractic care and physiotherapy to help you recover from damage to your upper spine and lower the risk of chronic pain.