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Headache FAQ

Headache FAQs from Our Vaughan, ON Chiropractor

Headache pain can prevent you from enjoying your usual activities, especially if you have severe pain or chronic headaches. If you have not been able to find effective relief, chiropractic care can help. At Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy, we provide chiropractic care for headache pain. Find out more about headaches and chiropractic care with the following frequently asked questions from our Vaughan ON chiropractor.

Man suffering from a headache

What Causes Headaches?

Headaches can occur for various reasons. When you have chronic headaches, the underlying cause might be stress, sinus problems, sleep issues or high blood pressure. There are also a number of medical conditions that are associated with headaches. Poor posture can also cause you to have headaches on a frequent basis, since this can throw the upper part of your spine out of alignment. Knowing the underlying cause of your headaches can help ensure that you receive effective care.

What Are the Signs of Headaches?

The symptoms that a headache produces can range from a dull ache throughout your entire head to sharp pain in one area. You might have pain on both sides of your head, or you might only have pain on one side. The pain that a headache causes can be a throbbing sensation that becomes worse at times or a constant ache. You might have sudden, sharper pains with some headaches. 

How Can Chiropractic Care in Vaughan Help Headaches?

Headaches can occur when there is a problem with the alignment of your spine, especially in the upper part. Having misaligned spinal discs places pressure on your nerves, which can trigger headache pain. When you receive chiropractic care at Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy, our Vaughan chiropractor adjusts your spine in order to correct these misalignments. Doing so alleviates pressure on your nerves, which eases pain and helps lower your risk of having headaches come back. These adjustments also make it possible for your spinal discs to heal if they have sustained any damage. Nutrients and oxygen are able to reach these areas easily.

How Can I Prevent Headaches?

Having chiropractic adjustments done reduces the chance that you will continue to deal with chronic headaches. You can also lower this risk by managing medical conditions that might be causing them, reducing stress and adopting a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet and exercise. Our chiropractor can let you know how often you might need to come back for another adjustment to prevent chronic headaches from returning. 

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If you have chronic headaches, please contact Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy to make an appointment. Our chiropractor in Vaughan ON offers safe and reliable care to help relieve headache pain, so you can get back to your regular activities.