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Sciatica and Chiropractic Care

When you have serious sciatica pain in the low back, legs, or hips, living a pain-free life can feel impossible. But some carefully considered lifestyle changes, combined with the proper medical care and continuing attention to wellness, can get you back on the road to a healthy life.

sciatica relief from your chiropractor in vaughan ON

What is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve, the largest in the body, runs from the lower back down along the back of the thigh. The nerve can become pinched or pulled in a variety of locations throughout the low back, pelvis, hip, and leg, resulting in the deep, undeniable ache known as sciatica. In many cases, sciatica is mild -- something that can be treated with an occasional anti-inflammatory over-the-counter-drug. In other cases, the pain can become so severe that the person with sciatica cannot stand without support.

How Dr. David Can Help

No matter where the sciatic nerve is impacted, only a realignment of the bones and surrounding muscles can relieve the pressure on the nerve -- and only relieving pressure on the nerve can eliminate sciatic pain. Attention to body alignment and proper nutrition, when combined with chiropractic care and a short-term reliance on an anti-inflammatory, can help even the most severe cases of sciatica if properly followed and maintained under medical supervision.

Dr. David's experienced team can help you on the road to recovery. Regular chiropractic adjustment, when combined with preventative exercises and lifestyle changes, can alleviate the majority of your symptoms over time. Dr. David's 30-year history of service as a Vaughan chiropractor (Woodbridge area) includes the regular treatment of sciatic pain in patients young and old, from high school athletes to pregnant women. Each situation is unique.

Your particular "brand" of sciatic pain may stem from the repetitive use of particular joints, tension related to stress, or persistent misalignment due to sitting all day in a desk chair. No matter the underlying cause, the team at David Chiropractic can help you identify triggers and change behaviors to improve your chances of full recovery. 

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Dr. Michael David is a distinguished Chiropractor in Vaughan ON with a longstanding dedication to Maple and the surrounding communities. His team works tirelessly to help the local community live at its healthiest and most fulfilled. Though many of our patients come in feeling broken, our relationship does not end with a few appointments and a prescription for exercises and/or pills. Rather, our team works with you through sickness and into wellness, maximizing your quality of life and helping you to find the way back your optimum health. Healthy living becomes a partnership, with a support team that works tirelessly to ensure your success. 

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