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Sciatica FAQs

Sciatica FAQ's: Treatment, Care and Beyond

We have the answers to the most frequently asked questions about sciatica. Read on to learn more!

sciatica FAQs from our chiropractor in vaughan

What Does Sciatica Care Include?

Sciatica care can include several types of service at Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy. Our chiropractor, physiotherapist, and massage therapist can create a gentle and entirely non-invasive care plan just for you. Treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy like ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation, customized exercises, and much more. 

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

The symptoms sciatica can include a sharp pain in the lower back, a sharp pain that moves down the leg, numbness in the lower back, burning in the lower back and/or leg, weakness in the lower back or leg, and a prickling sensation in the lower back or leg. Sciatica tends to occur in just one leg, although it can occur in both legs at the same time in certain rare situations. 

Why Does Sciatica Happen?

Sciatica results from sciatic nerve damage. The damage can happen in a variety of ways. Herniated discs, pregnancy, weight gain, and other things that put pressure on the sciatic nerve can all cause sciatica. 

Can Sciatica go Away on Its Own?

Sciatica usually won't go away on its own. It tends to be a chronic problem that may even grow worse over time if you don't address it with proper treatment. If you get help for sciatica promptly, our physiotherapist and chiropractor can often help you feel better within as little as a few visits. 

How Long Does Sciatica Treatment Last?

Treatment is different for everyone, and the Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy team will create a plan that will help you heal as fully and quickly as possible. Most patients have hour-long appointments, which can include a variety of care types. You'll generally have visits several times a week to start, but later those visits will usually be tapered back as you start to heal. Our goal is to help you fully and completely heal from sciatica and from any other physical problems that are causing you pain. 

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Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy offers multidisciplinary care to patients in the Vaughan, Ontario area. Our caregivers include chiropractors, physiotherapist, athletic therapists, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists.  This wide range of caregivers allows us to provide patients with the very best in care. 

We provide treatment for sciatica, auto accidents, disc injuries, chronic headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, whiplash, poor posture, and much more. Contact us anytime to arrange a consultation. There's no reason to suffer from sciatica pain or any other pain any longer.