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Knee Braces

Custom Options

Custom knee braces are measured to fit every individual and for their specific injury. Both ligamentous and osteoarthritis braces are available and custom knee braces come in a variety of colour options.

Supplier:  Breg

Breg Fusion is ideal for normal daily activities as well as athletic endeavours, this brace is designed using ProForm technology, which creates a comfortable, precise fit that won’t compromise mobility.

Supplier: Bledsoe

OTC Professional Orthopaedics

Bledsoe Z12 is one of the lightest on the market. The low-profile Z-12 has a magnesium frame and is for patients requiring support and stability following ligament injuries.

Off the Shelf Options

Built for comfort and provide compression

Supplier: Baufeiend

The Genutrain knee brace can help you if your knee feels weak, is swollen or painful. It is meant to relieve pain and stabilize the joint. It has an Omega pad that helps cushion around the knee cap.

Genutrain S
The Genutrain S has medial and lateral side supports with hingers to help provide further stability while also have the Omega pad that helps cushion the knee cap. Good to ligamentous injuires and instability of the knee joint.