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Ergonomics Training & Work Injury Treatment at Synergy Rehab & Physiotherapy

Woman with back pain due to sitting with bad posture

Ergonomics is the study of a person's environment and body mechanics in the workplace, with the intent to maximize efficiency and safety. Our rehab and chiropractor team here in Vaughan ON are happy to provide ergonomics training to people in a wide variety of jobs. Good ergonomics, after all, make for healthier and more productive employees!

Common Injuries Associated with Poor Ergonomics

Here are some of the most common workplace injuries we see among our hardworking patients: 

  • Back pain and neck pain: often caused by poor posture, poor workspace set up, frequent heavy lifting, repetitive motion, or an overly active or overly sedentary lifestyle; specific underlying diagnoses include bulging or herniated disc, muscle strain or spasm, and joint subluxation
  • Shoulder pain and arm pain: muscle strains and tendonitis are common in people who type frequently or perform repetitive and/or overhead movements; numbness and tingling in the arms and hands are also common (e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Headaches: poor posture as well as strain from looking at a computer (blue light emissions, glare from overhead lights), not to mention stress, can easily trigger frequent headaches

Top Ergonomics Tips with our Vaughan Chiropractor Staff 

  1. If you have a desk job, take a walking rest break at least 1 to 2 times per hour. 
  2. Stay well hydrated, as this keeps your tissues healthier (and forces you to get up from your desk!).
  3. Keep your computer monitor one arm's distance away at eye level so that your arms can stay relaxed and your neck doesn't have to bend.
  4. When lifting, use proper body mechanics: keep the object close, don't bend or twist your spine, and use bent knees and strong legs to do most of the work.
  5. Use available tools and helping hands to safely lift and move objects.

How Chiropractic Care & Physiotherapy Helps with Back Pain & Related Injuries

Chiropractic care and physiotherapy are excellent resources for people suffering from work-related injuries: 

  • Adjustments realign the spine and promote connective tissue and nervous tissue healing
  • Corrective exercises therapeutically stimulate tissue healing and improved endurance, strength, and/or flexibility of postural muscles
  • Acupuncture and massage trigger increased circulation, decreased muscle spasms, and decreased inflammation of acutely or chronically injured tissues
  • Bracing and orthotics are available to help prime your system and help you manage your work duties more comfortably and safely 

Are You Looking for Help Staying Healthy on the Job?

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